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Privacy Policy

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This is an initial draft and leaves out many details. It will be changed in the near future.

In the following paragraphs, "we", "us", "our" etc. refers to Anfa Technologies (a.k.a. AnfaTech) or equivalently, the three persons Xiuxuan Wang, Zhanrong Qiao and Zhuo Zhang. "Services" refers to the functions and contents provided by "us" and the Anfa Learning website. "Website" refers to the Anfa Learning website if not alternatively specified.

What we collect

  1. We collect your IP address and the URLs of the pages you are currently viewing (otherwise we cannot send you the content of these pages);
  2. You can choose to provide personal information like your real name after you have logged in. These information will then become publicly visible.
  3. You can choose to send comments. These will become publicly visible as well.
  4. Your password will undergo an irreversible hashing process (pbkdf2_sha256, 180000 iterations) before being stored in our database. It is impossible for other people to know your password, including Website administrators.
  5. We enforce HTTP SSL encrypted connections to ensure that your data will not be revealed to third-parties during transmission.


("Cookies" are small pieces of data stored on your browser, which is used and updated every time you interact with our website. By using cookies, we will be able to associate multiple requests sent by your browser.)

  1. If you are not logged in, we only store a "csrf_token" cookie when you are about to submit forms. This is used only to ensure that hackers cannot perform actions on this website "in your name".
  2. If you are logged in, we will store a "session_id" to identify your login status (e.g. which account you have logged in?)
  3. Except for cases specified above, we do not track your activities by using cookies.

Coming soon...