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Infinideas webpage archive

Zhanrong Qiao gathered a group of people into the development of NEWorld starting from 2015. They founded a team named Infinideas. Due to the popularity of NEWorld on Baidu Tieba at that time, the team quickly grown to have more than 200 members. However, most of them came there only for technological discussion and did not directly participate in the development of NEWorld, so later "Infinideas Studio" (the development team) and "Infinideas Chat Group" (for discussion) are differentiated.

Infinideas Studio, being a team of teenage programming hobbists, focused mainly on open source game projects at that time. Besides NEWorld, they have also made Myomyw, ColorStrike... Of course, they also built their own "official website" and online forum, using the programming language PHP. Here is a collection of these web pages. (Some links in these pages are broken)

Main page, version 3
Created in 2015
Static page with hand-crafted CSS; responsive layout (by Zhanrong Qiao)
NEWorld Forum
Created in 2015
Written in PHP + MySQL, with hand-crafted CSS (by Zhanrong Qiao & Shiyuan Yu)
Main page, version 4
Created in 2017
Written in PHP + MySQL, with hand-crafted CSS and a user account system (by Zhanrong Qiao). (There is also a description about the history of Infinideas...)

Although the team has dissolved in 2017, some members are still working on projects. And the Chat Group (on QQ) stayed active to date.